Clos du Moulin & La tour d’argent

As luck would have it, there were two new arrivals to present to the press : the launch of the new-look bottle and box (we discuss this in greater detail elsewhere), and the release of our new blend. Our previous blend, a selection of 2007-2008-2009 vintages, is now sold out and has made way for its successor, made from 2008-2009-2012.

Such an occasion demanded a fitting backdrop, so we invited our press guests to a sumptuous lunch at the timeless Tour D’Argent and took the occasion to uncork a few historic Clos du Moulin blends. The star this time was a Clos du Moulin blended from 1979-1982-1983 vintages, disgorged more than 25 years ago. Our guests were spellbound by its freshness, complexity and remarkable vivacity after all these years.