Our other actions for a more respectful viticulture of the nature.

We wish to go even further in this respectful approach of nature, fauna and flora. This is why we planted a series of hedgerows along our plots last year. These contain several different plant species, in an effort to promote biodiversity and provide a rich resource for our pollinating friends. In the same vein, we installed a number of insect hotels within these planted walls.

The experiment was a success, and we’re now rolling it out over all of the plots we can. See you in a few years, once the plants have got properly settled in and we can take some great photos!

This wasn’t the only idea we had:

– We piled up wood in the corners of our plots as safe places for our hedgehog friends to hibernate.

– One or two hives have been set up in and around our plots, where possible…

In short, we take great care of the earth that nourishes us, and we let our creative minds run wild! It takes time and energy, but we’ve really seen the changes over the years. All of these insects (ladybirds, earwigs, small spiders, and more) and animals (rabbits, hedgehogs, etc.) have repopulated our land and brought a brand-new lease of life that is nothing short of… sparkling!