The 2012 Vintage

Only the very greatest vintages are celebrated by Cattier Champagne, and 2012 is no exception. The low added sugar content and long cellar-ageing come together to reveal and enhance the quality of the wine, a Pinot-heavy blend (65%) from Cattier’s 9 most prestigious village vineyards (mostly in Ludes, Chigny-Les-Roses and Rilly-la-Montagne). 2012 will be remembered for its viciously cold winter and the frequent heavy rain, lasting well up until summer. July was hot, but paved the way for more rain just before the harvest of the gorgeously ripe and beautifully healthy grapes, which began on the 17 September. Thanks to the quality of the “reserve” wines and the care and expertise of the blending teams at Cattier, the 2012 vintage will help guarantee quality in our non-vintage blends for years to come. The 2012 vintage, meanwhile, has an excellent body and notes of stone fruit, cherries, vanilla and dried fruit.