“Pinot Meunier is the star vintage in our vineyards. It has always had a great reputation among big brands and growers alike. I find that this reputation is well deserved. Soon after joining the company, I wanted to pay homage to this variety that thrives so admirably here.

Indeed, this bottle has been fifteen years in the making. It took a series of tests in our cellars and extensive research to create a champagne that met our stringent quality standards.

And to take it up another notch and really rise to the challenge, I wanted this to be a vintage champagne. This means that we have no choice but to seek out the very best years to provide a true reflection of our iconic variety. This is a worthy addition to our collection, and once again demonstrates our expertise in the creation of exceptional champagne.”

Alexandre Cattier

The Meunier 2016 vintage is made from 100% Pinot Meunier, grown exclusively in the 3 villages of Chigny-les-Roses, Rilly-la-Montagne, and Ludes. These are known for providing our historic grape variety with its signature richness and finesse.

The 2016 vintage was somewhat special. After a mild winter and a cool, damp spring, there was nothing to hint that this would be a year worthy of its own vintage. From mid-July all the way to autumn, however, the vineyards were blessed with beautiful weather. The harvest began on the 14 September with ripe, concentrated and frankly excellent Pinot Meunier (this was the same for our two other vintages).
This wine comes from our finest plots, and the juice was carefully selected during pressing to ensure that only the very finest made it to the finished product. Magnificently pure, this vintage is the quintessence of 2016’s Pinot Meunier harvest.

On the nose, this wine offers elegant and refined aromas of citrus and exotic fruit, elevated by notes of liquorice.
On the palate, it is generous and well-structured with notes of forest fruit candy, redcurrant and citrus for a vivacious freshness.