Brut Rosé
Premier cru

Brut Rosé

Gourmand and warm

Made by adding red wine to the blend, the Brut Rosé Premier Cru reflects the quality of the Montagne de Reims’ pinot varieties and their stunning aromatic complexity. This champagne is a pure distillation of elegance and intensity.

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10% Chardonnay 50% Meunier 40% Pinot noir 35% reserve wines

Ageing on lees

Ageing more than 4 years in the cellar


8 g / L

Brut Rosé Description


Eyes : in the light, the pale pink of this rosé champagne reveals an orange hue, brought to life by the persistent fine bubbles in the glass.

Nose : intriguingly rich and complex on the nose, it opens with red berry aromas dominated by redcurrant before evolving delicately to notes of blackcurrant and strawberry.  Over time, these mature to dried orange zest, apricot and nuts.

Palate : there is a beautiful tartness on the palate, with rich and generous flavours of blackcurrant and strawberry mixed with a hint of English toffee, and ending on a dairy caramel finish.

Brut Rosé Food pairings

Food pairings

As an aperitif, the Cuvée Brut Rosé Premier Cru is ideal with a salmon hors d’oeuvre. Pair it with langoustines, baked salmon or even sushi as a main course, and even with a blue-heavy cheeseboard. With its fruity notes, it will work wonderfully with any mirabelle or red berry dessert, or even a traditional fruit crumble.

Brut Rosé



16,5 / 20

Japan Women's Wine Awards 2020

Médaille d'or


89 / 100