Warm and intense

Dry Cattier is a dry champagne, made from 80% pinot and 20% chardonnay. The use of pinot meunier brings a lot of fruit to the mix, while the chardonnay softens the blend, making it silky and elegant. Dry Cattier is the perfect champagne to round off an evening.


50% Meunier 30% Pinot Noir 20% Chardonnay 40% reserve wines

Ageing on lees

Ageing more than 2 years in the cellar


25 g / L

Dry Description


Eyes : this champagne offers a pale gold colour, broken by a ribbon of fine, regular bubbles.

Nose : decadent, creamy aromas flood your nose, followed by notes of toasted hazelnut, honey, apricot and orange blossom.

Palate : it caresses your palate, offering up buttery, sweet aromas of dried apricots and old-fashioned fruit jellies and leading you towards a gentle, luscious finish.

Dry Food pairings

Food pairings

Dry Cattier Champagne is the ideal way to round out your evening. Pair it with the classic foie gras on gingerbread, or ramp up the spice a little with an Indian butter chicken or biryani. And of course, it is ideal with a wide range of desserts.